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Keep Your Applications Always On with Stratus Fault-Tolerant Servers

Stratus ftServer® systems prevent downtime and data loss for essential business applications and services. These servers eliminate the complexity and costs of deploying and managing alternative high-availability and virtualization software solutions.


Stratus ftServer

Stratus ftServer Systems are the most robust, efficient solution for advanced deployed and virtualized environments where uptime SLAs are crucial, for Windows®, Linux®, and VMware®.


ftServer Platform

The ftServer fault-tolerant architecture eliminates single points of failure and addresses the hardware, software and serviceability issues that can lead to downtime and corruption or loss of critical data.

Lockstep processing: The system’s duplex hardware components process the same instructions at precisely the same time. If a component fails, its partner simply continues normal operations — without any downtime or data loss. Because replicated components perform the same instructions at the same time, there is zero interruption in processing, zero loss of performance and zero loss of data integrity.

  • Lockstep processing ensures that any errors, even transient errors, are detected and that the system can survive any CPU-memory unit error without interrupting processing and without losing any data or state
  • Multi-path I/O ensures that any I/O operation failure will result in a retry using an alternate path that ensures successful completion of the I/O operation
  • Lockstep architecture stores memory contents in two separate hardware components, protecting in-memory data from hardware failures
  • Should a component fail the ftServer system’s hot-swappable Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) are easily replaced without tools while the application continues to run
  • Extensive use of status indicator LEDs and keyed components eliminate potential operator errors during service operations

Automated Uptime Layer

The Automated Uptime Layer for Stratus ftServer Systems will detect potential problems and prevent outages rather than recovering from them. Stratus’ unique software constantly monitors more than 500 system components and sensors to identify, handle and report faults — before they impact your system.

The Automated Uptime Layer provides a single system view that removes management complexity and reduces cost.

  • Applications run without modification so no special programing or high-priced support staff is necessary, reducing system administration costs
  • Works seamlessly with your existing applications and system management tools
  • No need to synchronize state information between networked nodes and between the layers of complex multi-tiered applications
  • Eliminates the need to purchase multiple OS and application licenses, external storage arrays and network switches

Our intelligent uptime manager performs corrective actions like taking a failed component offline while your system keeps running.

  • Manages faults automatically so your critical applications don’t miss a beat
  • Automatically prevents hardware and software problems from causing downtime
  • Ensures uptime for Microsoft® Windows Server® and Hyper-V® , VMware® vSphere™ and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® operating environments
  • Automated features reduce risk of human error by eliminating the need to configure, build, test and maintain the high-availability system yourself (as you would with conventional technologies like clusters)
  • If your server needs a replacement part, the uptime manager calls home and orders the correct component — 100% of the time
  • The uptime manager also opens support calls over our secure global ActiveService™ Network


Stratus Software

Products everRun

everRun Enterprise

The everRun family of software solutions provides fault tolerance, high availability, disaster recovery, and monitoring for your most critical environments.


everRun MX

Provides multi-processor Microsoft applications with fault-tolerant protection that prevents downtime unlike other recovery-based, high availability solution.

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