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CRU has over 200 data portability, security, and backup solutions and products to protect and transport digital assets of organizations around the world. In addition, CRU has many innovative products used by digital forensics and corporate security investigators to streamline the acquisition of evidence and respond to security breaches.

You can find CRU products by product line or by feature. Either way, you’re sure to find the solution to secure and protect the digital assets that matter to you.


The rugged and reliable DataPort® and Data Express® removable drive solutions have become the de facto standard for government agencies, digital cinema, educational institutions, and other organizations around the world. DataPort and Data Express removable drive carriers and frames are used in computer workstations, laptops, and OEM devices for securing and transporting data in a variety of applications and industries when people need to be assured that their data is being protected.

The DataHarbor® standalone networked backup appliance helps workgroups and small/medium organizations of all kinds easily back up their data while maintaining its security and privacy.

The RTX® and RAX® lines of storage enclosures are used for data storage and backup, providing flexible and secure options for working data, backups, and archives.

ToughTech® portable external drive enclosures are made of rugged aluminum for durability and come in a variety of sizes for 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drives and SSDs, as well as provide multiple options for computer connections. All CRU ToughTech products are pleasantly quiet due to their innovative fan-free thermal designs.

WiebeTech® digital investigation tools are used by forensic and digital investigators worldwide as they seek evidence of wrongdoing or illicit activities. The WiebeTech IT accessories are used by IT administrators and investigators alike to make their work more efficient.


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